Ten Reasons to Update Your Website

Ten Reasons to Update Your Website

Is your website looking a little tired and in need of a spring clean? Perhaps you’ve had your website for some time and haven’t updated it very often.

Here are some reasons why you may consider refreshing your site:

1. Your website simply looks old.
If it has not been updated for a long while, your website may no longer be showing the impression you would like it to portray for your company.

2. New features may need to be added your website.
If you would like to include additional forms, or sell online, or you would like to enable your visitors to submit content of their own, then necessary changes will have to be made to your website.

3. Your site doesn’t look as good as your competitor’s
If a new site has been launched by a competitor, or their existing site has been significantly updated, you need to pull your finger out and match them in this area to avoid them snatching sales or customers from you.

4. New services or products need to be added.
You may have to update your site if you start selling or offering new or different services or products. You may wish to offer buying guides or extra pre-sales advice, so that more visitors may become paying customers. Perhaps you find that you need to meet new legal requirements or are starting to offer finance.

5. You need to add video content.
Have you considered adding videos to your website? This may be a good idea if you would like to help your customers and other visitors choose the right product for them. Video content is amongst the fastest growing sectors on the internet. You may also like to offer your visitors the opportunity to upload their own videos to your website.

6. Your online and company services do not match.
You may like to consider adding a finance calculator or a map. How about enabling online booking? Consider what alternative news services you might be able to offer your visitors. What kind of things are they looking for? What do you think might make them more likely to come back, or to purchase from you?

7. Out of date content.
You may like to consider a CMS if your website has got bigger and you need to find ways in which to manage it more easily. A CMS will make adding new pages and updating your website much easier, and it means that you can tackle it yourself without having to employ a Brisbane web design company to make the changes for you.

8. Model T functionality.
Why not take advantage of new web trends and technology such as podcasts or RSS? What about improving the functionality or design of your website by using Javascript, ASP.NET or cascading style sheets?

9. The expectations of your audience has changed.
Your target audience may have changed. They may have certain expectations with regards to their consumerism. For example if you are targeting teenagers, you will want to ensure that your site is offering things that teenagers want, such as sharing content via social media.

10. Lack of social interaction features
Would you like to offer visitors to your site more than merely products? Maybe you would like to think about add testimonials, or product reviews, a space for customers to post recommendations or comments, or a blog.

So, now you know more about the whys and how’s of updating your flagging website, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present, as they say!

Optimizing Your Website

Optimizing Your Website

Some website owners feel that it is enough to merely have a presence online. If you have paid for the hosting and construction of a website, surely it is worth finishing and marketing your project properly. It will only take a tiny amount of effort to achieve astounding returns and results.

There is always of scope for improvement, no matter what you are selling or who your business caters to. While some people may consider SEO to be a waste of their valuable time and resources, they are wrong, as this way of thinking could not be further away from the truth.

Search Engine Optimization is essential. Unless your business is completely unique, your site can get buried in the sheer number of websites who happen to be targeting exactly the same markets as you are. A targeted Brisbane SEO online marketing strategy can really help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Your website was designed with generating income and/or business awareness, preferably generating traffic from those who are looking for exactly whatever it is you are offering. This is the traffic that is driven by the search engines.

The results from search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google are returned using complex algorithms which are constantly changing. Websites are first indexed by a bot or a spider which ‘crawls’ through all of the contents of the site, determining its domain or page authority and searching for information. A site list is then created and a link is made, from those sites to a timely search phrase. This is determined by what the bots and spiders “see” as being the most useful content to the searcher. They are searching information that is highly targeted, which is why good SEO is so very important.

For instance, the strength of a site depends largely on its incoming link structure. Every link’s rank is determined by its authority, so you appear more authoritative if you have a lot of links. If you are looking to achieve a larger impact, strong links are key, so you ought to start to be selective and look for sites that are high up on the page rankings. Page rank however, is but one mere metric in determining the strength of a site.

It is important to maintain relevance in order to source links from businesses or people from your surrounding area, from within your industry, or at least those who share something in common. These will also be considered a source of respect by web-savvy users and search engines.

Another factor that can have a profound effect on people’s perception of the authority of your website, are the domains your links are coming from. If you receive a link or a trackback from a site with a .edu or a .gov domain, this will have a far greater influence than a large number of equivalent low PR links.

How about your content? Your page copy is really vital, but so is your meta content too. Affording attention to the finer details can have a massive impact on how the search engines perceive your website. You should strive to compile a unique block of content for each web page within your site. It doesn’t have to be too long. Page copy should generally be approximately 200 to 500 words, yet less content should still be ok if you genuinely can’t find the time to write more than this. It is simply important that any content offers useful and relevant information to the market you are targeting.

Yet another way to improve the relevance of your site, is to ensure your content is well written, as this will ensure that the search engine spiders have a clear idea of what words or phrases you are targeting. It is vital to ensure that each page is keywords optimized. Include your keywords in your text 2 or 3 times; including as your page title and inside the H1 heading tag also.

There are also other factors to take into consideration, such as:
• how fast your site loads
• your website’s internal link structure
• the other things that you should be providing for the benefit of your potential customers.

Search engines are drawn to user friendly websites, so by optimizing your website for Bing, Yahoo and Google, you are also optimizing your website for potential customers in the form of your human visitors.

Building a website is only the beginning of a web design process, so please ensure you complete the task to your best ability and make sure it is optimized for search engines and visitors. Employing the above-mentioned points will hopefully ensure you have a continuous, steady stream of highly targeted traffic driving to your new website.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Website Design

The Do’s and Don’ts in Website Design

So, you want to build a website! But what are the best strategies and methods to use to drive traffic to your site by doing Search Engine Optimisation.

As you begin to design your website you need to learn about keywords. These are words that really are key to the success of your website as they are the first things to grab and drive traffic to your site.

Keywords will be the main focus before, during and after creation of your website. Keywords indicate what to look out for to search engines when someone is surfing the web. When searchers search for your keywords, they get linked to your site.

Let’s look further into the use of keywords. When you embark on building a website, the first thing you need to decide upon is the purpose of your site. Is it to sell a service or product or is it to provide a cyber-mall where customers can one-stop-shop?

Let’s assume that your site will combine a couple of services to create a small cyber-mall in Brisbane Australia. There are templates that can be utilized or websites that give you a new website in a few easy steps, but rather consider creating a site that is tailored uniquely and especially to your needs.

The next step is to find a domain name and a web host. Every site needs to be hosted somewhere and a web host offers the support needed to build your own site. Web hosts provide you with space for all the pages on your website, plus email addresses and other useful features. They may even help with logo design, or at least point you in the direction of someone who can help with this if needs be. Some people will ask a design company to help to create their Brisbane website design.

If you do not know HTML or you simply do not want to create your own webpage, you can employ an online Brisbane website design company. This is the best option for many people.

For example, let’s say you aim building a site offering the locals the convenience of shopping for Brisbane Australia’s best home and personal services online. Crucial to driving plenty of traffic toward your website will be the volume of keywords you decide to include during the building process.

What kind of visitors do you want to attract to your new site? Potential customers will go online in search for the services that your website offers through its advertising. So the keywords you use are very important. Use words which best describe what you are offering the customer, for example: Babysitting, Childcare, Eldercare, Yard Maintenance, Lawn care – Viola! Each one of these is a potential keyword that can be linked to your site, depending on your service or product. Plus, you now have the page titles sorted too!

Imagine your website has five pages. Use your keywords on each page, in the navigation bar; putting all the keywords on the home page, as they will be the first thing the visitors encounter when your site pops up. The home page indicates to your visitors exactly what your site is all about, so pepper your keywords throughout the copy so that search engines have more keywords to work with.

Page titles should contain your keywords and you should use the page titles on your navigation bar. Sprinkle them throughout the copy on each webpage. This is how to get on the first page of search results and get your information in front of visitors and potential customers as quick as a flash. Your visitors will know where to come whenever they need lawn care, or elder/childcare services.

In addition to your pages outlining the different service/products you are offering, you will also need to create an, ‘About Us’ page for testimonials and bios, and a ‘Contact Us’ section which clearly explains all the ways in which visitors can ask questions and order your services etc.

The entire process of Melbourne Website Design

The entire process of Melbourne Website Design

The entire process of Melbourne website design is much more than basically utilizing facets of a technical character like creating new designs or coding. Planning should play a vital part in every facet of the look process to be able to create a lucrative and effective website. The first stage within this planning process is to determine which you goal to attain together with your web page. Are you currently searching for it to market services or items directly, to supply a web-based application in order to brand build, for instance? When the primary reason for your site continues to be made the decision, you need to stick to that with the whole Melbourne website design process, because this model could be modified to suit other particular goals later on.

Planning is essential when building and creating a website. Budget must be considered, along with the intended time period of the web site – would you intend on it as being a short or lengthy-term venture? If lengthy-term, the web site will require an effortlessly updatable design in situ, to really make it easy to update content, for instance. In case your technique is short -term, you won’t wish to invest just as much money or time in to the website while you would whether it were more lengthy Term.

Make certain you incorporate particulars of the web marketing strategy although dealing with your best web designer – your planned site promotion method and audience for instance. Following the designer has completed the web site you will have to have all the feaures coded and implemented. Programmers and designers usually work individually, although you will find some which are knowledgeable both in areas. Alternatively, should you hired a strong, they’d usually cover all services, internally.

Your strategy needs to be reflected inside your site layout. It ought to be very easy to use obviously a minimum of simple to navigate for the specific site visitors. A website map can make this more achievable, particularly if your internet site is large with many different navigable pages. A website map may also help make your site more internet search engine friendly. The search engines like google would be the supply of most traffic, which means you should optimize your website together in your mind, in addition to attractive to your customers. Unless of course you’ve old yourself inside the industry, the search engines like google would be the source of a big most of the traffic to your website. Melbourne Search engine optimization is probably the best methods to use in web site design because the traffic coming initially from  SEO is totally free as lengthy when you are established and rated within the search engines like google.

Throughout the web page design process, choose which techniques you are wanting to incorporate to draw in traffic aimed at your website. Are you going to use compensated searches or advertising ad banners with the search engines like google? Search engine optimization may also be utilized when building no cost traffic with the site’s ratings in web user searches. Budget enabling and you choose to include advertising inside your strategy, the style of your website ought to be such that it may track the origin from the traffic precisely so that you can gauge precisely where it’s originating from and eliminate any obsolete advertising and develop the advertising that’s working.

An execllent method will attain the goals of the site’s technique is social networking. For instance, Facebook is excellent in building fans. You may create a webpage to draw in increased traffic toward your website – this will occur through person to person and buzz being passed around similar to wild fire. Also, take a look at Facebook’s advertising section. You will find the choice of creating short ads – exhibiting to customers while they’re going to pages of others. The outcomes for Facebook advertisements that you simply purchase is exclusive because the recent results for compensated advertisements are extremely fast and the level of your specific audience’s demographic information is going to be a lot more readily open to you – greater than every other site. Another great tool you should use for buzz building regarding your web page or company online is Twitter. On here, you’ll be able to build fans who’ll continuously return your site or page, seeking new items or updates which may be an excellent way of building business strategy that is lengthy-term.