Ten Reasons to Update Your Website

Ten Reasons to Update Your Website

Is your website looking a little tired and in need of a spring clean? Perhaps you’ve had your website for some time and haven’t updated it very often.

Here are some reasons why you may consider refreshing your site:

1. Your website simply looks old.
If it has not been updated for a long while, your website may no longer be showing the impression you would like it to portray for your company.

2. New features may need to be added your website.
If you would like to include additional forms, or sell online, or you would like to enable your visitors to submit content of their own, then necessary changes will have to be made to your website.

3. Your site doesn’t look as good as your competitor’s
If a new site has been launched by a competitor, or their existing site has been significantly updated, you need to pull your finger out and match them in this area to avoid them snatching sales or customers from you.

4. New services or products need to be added.
You may have to update your site if you start selling or offering new or different services or products. You may wish to offer buying guides or extra pre-sales advice, so that more visitors may become paying customers. Perhaps you find that you need to meet new legal requirements or are starting to offer finance.

5. You need to add video content.
Have you considered adding videos to your website? This may be a good idea if you would like to help your customers and other visitors choose the right product for them. Video content is amongst the fastest growing sectors on the internet. You may also like to offer your visitors the opportunity to upload their own videos to your website.

6. Your online and company services do not match.
You may like to consider adding a finance calculator or a map. How about enabling online booking? Consider what alternative news services you might be able to offer your visitors. What kind of things are they looking for? What do you think might make them more likely to come back, or to purchase from you?

7. Out of date content.
You may like to consider a CMS if your website has got bigger and you need to find ways in which to manage it more easily. A CMS will make adding new pages and updating your website much easier, and it means that you can tackle it yourself without having to employ a Brisbane web design company to make the changes for you.

8. Model T functionality.
Why not take advantage of new web trends and technology such as podcasts or RSS? What about improving the functionality or design of your website by using Javascript, ASP.NET or cascading style sheets?

9. The expectations of your audience has changed.
Your target audience may have changed. They may have certain expectations with regards to their consumerism. For example if you are targeting teenagers, you will want to ensure that your site is offering things that teenagers want, such as sharing content via social media.

10. Lack of social interaction features
Would you like to offer visitors to your site more than merely products? Maybe you would like to think about add testimonials, or product reviews, a space for customers to post recommendations or comments, or a blog.

So, now you know more about the whys and how’s of updating your flagging website, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present, as they say!

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